Entrepreneurship is the process of establishing business with new ideas or the modified version of the old existing ideas. With the focus on capacity building and hands-on approach, YTS has focused on going through the whole process of growth of the business model from start to running state.

Projects under this working area

Call for ideas

ON Vision for change 2015 ‘Call for Ideas’ is a joint initiative in collaboration with Sahayeta. org, an alliance of professional Afghan’s in The United States of America. The main objective of this program is to create a positive change within Afghan  community through youthful innovation. Call for Ideas is not only a way to help the affected Afghan population, it is also a platform for young people to become pioneers of sustainable change by switching up Afghanistan’s current socioeconomic dynamics. We encourage the global youth to explore and develop compelling ideas, identify and refine their structures and make that vision a reality.

Free Barista Training

Barista training program is a youth empowering program which focuses on generating income opportunities for the youths. The youths were provided with a free barista training in partnership with Tayyib Finance Consultancy. We trained a total of 11 individuals from different communities, out of which three women from Pashton, majority of the Hazara community, and differently abled people along with some individual are some. The trainees receive not only an opportunity to work in Red mud but on any other coffee shops. Almost all of the trained individuals are now working as a barista and have started their own business. There is no educational qualification required to pursue the training, but a sense of willingness and enthusiasm is much needed. This is an initiative taken by ON to dissuade the Nepalese youths from seeking foreign employment.