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We believe, youths are the incentive of change in the society.

Advocates for Youth nurtures a pipeline of leaders who bring skill and determination to progressive movements.

About us

We craft holistic, people friendly digital experiences.

OEAC Network serves as a pool of human and technical resources for flourishing ideas. It’s our duty to make sure your shared vision, ideas will highly be supported. If you are bold enough to dream and brave enough to enterprise it, OEAC Network is the right place for you.

Work process

We make it right to guide your Leadership skills in a proper way.


Developing an education sector strategic plan can be a complex and iterative process.


The research process often begins with a very broad idea for a topic you’d like to know more about.

Find a solution

Let’s face it, having to deal with problems can really suck, making you feel paralysed and out of control.

Reach a goal

A goal is something you want to achieve. It’s the desired result that you, or a group of people, plan and commit to achieving.


Improve your Leadership skills by quality services

The achievement of SDGs can only be achieved through the empowerment and engagements of youths at various levels. Through youth advocacy, ON aims to identify, retrieve, and use the information to empower youth and seek to expand resources, promote access, and encourage exploration of ideas. The goal is to reach the extract the problem to its core and make substantial improvements in the society.

OEAC Network has been a proactive in community development during the time of disaster, as well as through identification of problems on need basis. It has partnered with various other organizations and local bodies for the fulfillment of these projects.

A formal request that a client or an employee of the client makes, asking a service provider to provide them with something that would be useful in the business’s day-to-day operations.

International students travel all over the world to study different lands education systems. Many of them come here to the United States of America, the land of opportunity. Many of them believe that if they come here they will have a better chance of doing what they have always wanted to do. I was given an assignment by my teacher to interview an international student I got their input on what it is like to be an international student here in the United States of America. I met Sameer, my international student, through some high school friends that go to the same college as him in Tennessee. He was more then happy to tell me about what he is going through as a student in the United States. Not only did I learn about him, but his country as well. We will get to know more about Sameer and the country of Afghanistan. Focusing on the Economy of Afghanistan and how it has changed since the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

we have Digital libraries provide the students with the convenience of learning at their own comfort. Students can access and read the library materials in various digital formats (eBooks, audiobooks, videos on demand 24 hrs/day) anytime and anywhere using their preferred devices.

An online class is a course conducted over the Internet. They are generally conducted through a learning management system, in which students can view their course syllabus and academic progress, as well as communicate with fellow students and their course instructor.

Academic Events

Grand Symposium

OEAC Network will be organizing an National Grand Symposium where guest speakers featuring eminent diplomats and ambassadors will deliver talks on the main theme i.e. Making Future Leaders. 

Delegates will also get a chance to debate and discuss on the topics with their fellows and ask questions to distinguished speakers while enjoying a lavish diplomatic Dinner.

Diplomatic Sessions

Countries will be assigned to the delegates and they will roleplay as diplomats and representatives during various diplomatic sessions. The topics will be specified for each council and delegates will present and justify their viewpoints which will serve as a great test of their potentials and oratory skills.

“ Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Abdul Nasir Ahmadi
Founder and President

“ Since our society equates happiness with youth, we often assume that sorrow, quiet desperation, and hopelessness go hand in hand with getting older. They don't. Emotional pain or numbness are symptoms of living the wrong life, not a long life.

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Malalai Popal
Member of IR Committee